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The Burger £6.25

Classic 6oz 100% local beef, served with crunchy cos, dill pickle, mayo, and relish in soft sourdough bun.


 The Mexican £6.75

(vegan or veg)

Black bean, sweet potato and cumin burger, chipotle ketchup, jalapeno coriander salsa, vegan mayo and pink pickled onions in a choice of bun.


The Greek £6.75

(vegan or veg)
Green Olive , lentil and chickpea burger, served with tzatziki or vegan mayo and sweet beetroot chutney, cos and pickle in a choice of bun.



The Dog £6

Classic jumbo pork dog with slow cooked ale soaked onions, ketchup and mustard in soft sourdough bun. Da dah!!


Vegan/Veg Dog £6.25

I cant believe its not…Smokey dog as above but without the meat and all the flavour in a choice of bun.


Big HOT Dog £7

Fresh chilli running through 28cms of beef dog served with all of the above.


Turn it up £1-50

turn it into a full on CHILLI DOG…adding our chilli con-carne, jalapeno salsa, mexican pink pickled onions and optional cheese



Cheeseburger £6.75

Bacon Cheeseburger £7.50

Double burger £8

Double cheeseburger £9


Double bacon cheese burger £10


Or make it your own


by adding extra toppings

Cheddar/smoked/feta/blue/Halloumi Bacon,

Tomato, Jalapeno and Coriander salsa

Ale soaked/pink pickled onions




Classic Mac £6

Simple jumbo mac with cheesy sauce and toasted sourdough crunch


Creole £6.75

Warm spice with jalapeno and tomato salsa, sour dough crunch and pink pickled onions


Nachos/Dirty Fries £6

Fried to order authentic corn nachos or our special fries covered in our chilli con- carne, cheddar, soured cream, salsa and pink onions


Add Guacamole £0.75



Fries £3

Sweet potato fries £4

Slaw-fennel, radish and dill £3